Gun Violence Prevention

As Governor, I will advance common-sense gun safety reforms that protect Virginians, prioritizing keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists, intimate partner abusers and stalkers, and individuals suffering from severe mental illness, and restricting access to weapons and ammunition that have no defensible role in sport or home defense.

I believe we have a responsibility to protect both the safety and rights of Virginians. I’ve worked hard as an advocate for gun reform, including pushing for the Manchin-Toomey legislation on universal background checks and traveling the country to promote awareness of the relationship between weak gun laws and public safety. I also grew up around guns, and learned from my time as an Eagle Scout how to handle them safely and responsibly. I continue to support the rights of responsible gun owners, but I believe that the extreme stances of the corporate gun lobby represent giant gun companies, not most gun owners who understand the need for commonsense gun safety measures.

As Governor, my top priorities would be to enact universal background checks on all gun sales, no matter who the seller is, including at gun shows and online; to restrict the high-capacity magazines that mass shooters have used to inflict maximum damage and casualties; to end “default” gun sales, which allow gun sales to go forward when background checks are not yet completed; and to keep guns out of the hands of intimate partner abusers and stalkers.